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So, I've been looking up exp share vs. lucky egg stuff all over, but it seems there is no clear difference between them, however, after searching I found this: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/925602-pokemon-pearl-version/45046905
anyway, according to the 5th post by MLBloomy, here's what I understand:

exp share takes the fair share for the holder, regardless of participation, and if they participate, gives another half of that (equivalent to 1.5 bonus) and splits the remainder among the other participants.

whereas, lucky egg gives 1.5 bonus to the holder only if they participate and does not take exp away from other participants.

Now, here are my questions; please answer them all at once.
Is my understanding of how they work correct?
Is MLBloomy correct about their function?
If MLBloomy is incorrect, please explain the difference.

EDIT: for clarity, I prefer to place a pokemon holding exp share as first in party, then switch them out with a stronger pokemon. I guess the question I should have been asking is "Is it more efficient to use exp share to train pokemon or to use lucky egg?", however, thank you very much for answering my other question, which was "am I understanding this post?"

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The Exp. share is given to a weak pokemon or traning partner so the pokemon in battle's Exp is shared with the training partner who holds the Exp share

The lucky egg gives the holder additional Exp points after a battle it gives the holder exactly 1/5 more Exp so if the pokemon holding the lucky egg gets Exp points and has a training partner its partner gets additional points as well

You mean 1/2 more experience points with the Lucky Egg! Your Points get multiplied by .5 and added onto the original total!
Ah, so exp share, according to the way I use it takes exp away from my training partner (the one who KOs the enemies to give exp to the exp share holder).
Yep you got it
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Yes, they are correct about the Lucky Egg, but I don't get your wording for the Exp. Share. Basically the Exp. Share is an item that helps train weaker Pokemon. You put the Exp. Share on the Pokemon you want to train and keep him out of the battle. At the end, he will receive about half of the total Experience. The battling Pokemon will also get half of the normal experience.