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If I have my lvl100 Anoroth(hydreigon) hold a lucky egg and my lvl52 Zoroark hold an exp share, will my Zoroark get more exp ?

I didnt hack to get Zorua I did the Zoroark event and I put Zoroark in the Day-Care and tadaaa!
If you want Zoruas tell me.

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a lv.100 pkmn doesnt earn any exp.points...
He knows that. He is asking if his level 100 Hydreigon held a Lucky Egg and his Zoroark held an Exp. Share, would his Zoroark receive more experience points.
^ was about to say. and there is no point tyocommnting on really old questions other than a few exeptcions
Yeah, my typos go off the scale without spell orrection xD stupid school computers.
mor points?how could it earn any portion when the pokemon its gaining from doesnt earn any exp.point?!
Sigh... you don't get it.
you got that right. XP

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No, a pokemon holding the Lucky Egg will effect himself ONLY.
So, your Zorua will get his normal experience because he's not effected by Hydreigon's Lucky Egg.