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Competitivley and in-game.


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Alright so all 3 of those Pokemon are powerful Pokemon, and each in my opinion have their own little niches and roles, so I personally don't think that you can really compare them - since each would function better than the other in certain areas. So obviously, I say none of them are the 'best' as they all beat each other in certain areas. Anyway, I'll list the best parts of each of them so you can choose yourself ^_^. This is from a competitive viewpoint, since ingame overlevelling > offensive capabilities. I think :3


With it's awesome attack stat of 135 and excellent speed and special attack stats of 100 and 110 respectively, as well as the ability Moxie allowing it to boost it's attack every time it kills one of the opponent's Pokemon, Salamence is one of the most threatening sweepers in the game. Deemed too powerful for the DPP OU, and being put into Ubers in generation 4 is just a testament to it's power. It's excellent Dragon STAB resisted only by steel (For the next week or so :P) coupled with it's access to Dragon Dance and coverage moves like Earthquake and Fire Blast.


So Lucario possesses excellent mixed attacking stats of 110 and 115 (Atk and Special attack respectively), as well as a decent base 90 speed. Looking at that you'd think 'but that's still lower than Salamence overall', which is true, but Lucario in return for lower stats, gains an excellent Steel/Fighting typing, which makes it take less damage from hazards (Eg. Salamence takes 25% from S-rocks due to it's flying type, but Lucario 4x resists rock, so takes a pittance). Lucario also gains the coveted Extremespeed, which is at +2 priority, and 80 base power, allowing it to finish off faster, weakened threats - something which Salamence can only dream of. Also it gets access to the +2 boosting Swords Dance and another priority option in Bullet Punch. Additionally on the special side, Lucario gets access to Vacuum wave and Nasty Plot


Scizor, the last of the three, being the slowest at base 65, but still possessing a massive attack stat at 130. Scizor is easily one of the most threataning Pokemon in the metagame, with access to STAB, Technician Bullet Punch (Base 90 power after factoring technician and STAB), allowing it to pick off weakened threats. To top that off, Scizor has access to Swords Dance, instant recovery in Roost and an excellent typing, leaving it with only one weakness being fire. It also gets access to STAB U-turn allowing it to keep the momentum for the team

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Lucario has Swords Dance...
I know
oh crap did I forget that?
Call me crazy, but I don't believe in physical Salamence. I'd say go flamethrower, draco meteor, and then like hidden power steel or something. Oh, and protect.
Guess what? This was 2 years ago -.-
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Okay so KoD already gave a really good answer, but I just wanted to say a few more things about them (more to do with competitive prediction).


The problem with Salamence is that you have no clue what set it's running until it makes a move. And even then you're not sure if it's mixed or physical. The issue with this is that there are therefore no safe switch ins to Salamence, as it can be packing Fire Blast and Earthquake, which would mess up any Ferrothorn (that isn't in the rain) or Heatran (that isn't holding Air Balloon) switch in if your opponent predicts correctly. Blissey is also not available as an option as her defence is negligible, and Salamence might just pull an Outrage because it's only resisted by Steel (in Gen V; Blissey might be Fairy in Gen VI, who knows). Additionally, it could be either banded or scarfed, and that's pretty hard to tell unless, say, it never sets up Dragon Dance, or your opponent switches when it uses a move that one of your Pokemon is resistant/ immune to. If it does set up D-Dance, it's usually holding Lum Berry, so it can snap out of confusion.

I guess the only "easy" thing about facing a Salamence is being able to tell its ability right off the bat, as Intimidate will activate immediately, and Moxie will only activate once its fainted something.


Again, you have no idea what set its running until it makes a move. However, with Lucario it usually runs either purely physical or purely special, since it has access to both Swords Dance and Nasty Plot. The issue with running a special set is it only has one priority move, Vacuum Wave. A physical set could see it have Bullet Punch, which has no immunity problems from Ghost types, or Extremespeed for more power.

The real problem with countering Lucario is if it's physical or special. If it's physical, Gliscor is the best counter, and if it's special, Tentacruel is the best counter. The good thing about Lucario is that it's usually holding Life Orb or Expert Belt (or, let's hope not, Focus Sash) to make full use of its stat boosting moves, so if you have Mach Punch on Infernape, then you can OHKO Lucario since it has poor defences. Sadly, Infernape is the only Pokemon with Mach Punch that outspeeds Lucario.


Scizor doesn't really pose the moveset question like the other two pose, but it does pose the problem of Super Power, which will mess Magnezone up, since so many of them have Metal Pull instead of Sturdy to trap Scizor. Scizor is pretty much standard counter to Terrakion, Tyranitar, and (less commonly) sash Aerodactyl, since it packs Technician Bullet Punch as well a Swords Dance. However, once again, it's difficult to tell if its running Scarf, Band, Leftovers or Life Orb until it makes a move.

The other major threat Scizor poses is Pursuit, as Espeon, Alakazam, Celebi and Latios, which are all capable of running HP Fire to OHKO Scizor, might have better options for their move sets and not be able to deal with Scizor without it.

I guess the best Scizor counter is really Heatran, unless the Scizor is scarfed and packing Super Power, but most people wouldn't let Scizor deal with Heatran if it's at full health. Or Gliscor, since there's nothing Scizor can really do it it, or indeed Landorus-T with Intimidate.

Nice, but as far as Lucario has access to Psychic, then Tentacruel doesn't  counter Lucario perfectly ...
I have never met a Lucario that was running Psychic. It's usually Nasty Plot, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse & Vacuum Wave. All things considered Psychic doesn't really cover much, whereas Aura Sphere & Dark Pulse pretty much give neutral coverage, and Lucario would rather have a priority move.
Never Mind ^^
If I would play Special Lucario, I would rather use Psychic than priority, and finally, everyone do whatever he want, no ?
I never even played a Special Lucario; Lucario actually isn't that common in OU, despite being OU, so maybe there are more people that would run Psychic.
Some people run Psychic on Gengar, so... :O
I played Lucario in OU and Double so much ...
I rarely play doubles, and I only see Lucario in OU Mono Fight teams. :O
I use Lucario in double with Justified and Weavile at his side with Beat Up so Lucario's Attack is maximized, I spam Close Combat, it OHKO Garchomp and even Salamence, I'm not sure.
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salamence because one it is hard to take down 2 really high attack that should deal with dragon and other types apart from ice so I suggest its move set should be =1 heatwave(for ive types) 2irol tail (deals with ice and rock types)3 dragon claw (stab)4gragon dance (raises speed and attack helps beat Pokemon like aggron. hopes this helpes :)