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Idk if it's called Step Forme or Piroutte Forme but anyways...

When you talk to Meloetta in Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity and it transforms from Aria Forme to Step Forme, the Step Forme refers to Aria Meloetta as "my princess" or something, and Aria Meloetta calls Step Meloetta "my prince". What does this mean? Are they two separate Pokemon in one body or something?

What's Step Forme?

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To be honest, the PMD series (Gates to Infinity especially) don't conform with the normally listed genders of legendary Pokemon. Virizion is referred to as "Lady Virizion", while Keldeo is highly suggested to be male and Victini is referred to as he. Also, Meloetta is supposedly genderless, but in the anime she's depicted as female in both her forms.

If you really want to give this some form of Freudian analysis, Meloetta could have multiple personality disorder, or is simply two genders simultaneously. Human concepts of gender are rather limited and narrow, and Meloetta can be what s/he wants to be.

It's a life choice.

I already know the mystery dungeon games don't treat legendaries' genders as genderless. I just want to know why they refer Meloetta's Step Forme as a male and a female in one.
Why not? Pokemon can do what they like. It just so happens that the writers chose to portray Pirouette Meloetta as male. It serves no plot purpose in PMD: GTI, so it's just a preference on part of the writers.
Yeah, they claim most legends are He's...