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When you get a fateful encounter Meloetta, it can learn Relic Song. To teach it relic song, take it to the coffee shop in Castelia City.

Use this move in battle to change its form.

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Does it stay this way after the battle?
What does your name say in English? I'm using firefox so I can't read it. All that come out are boxes with numbers on them.
my name is sazandora in japanese, i am unsure if it stays that way after the battle, my wifi is down so i cant gen it
No, it will revert to the original form after battle. Also, サザンドラ shows fine for me on all browsers, I think it's an operating system issue.
Now I'm using Chrome, and now there are boxes without numbers. When I used Chrome a while ago, It showed Japanese characters. It would anger me if they have changed Chrome to make it unable to read those characters. BTW, Pokemaster, I would like my name changed.
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