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What I mean is, is it technically "cheating" although it says it's perfectly legal, and all that. I was just wondering what people think if it's idk, wrong to use websites such as pokedit, pokegen etc.

I have tried using Pokébuilder before and there has been no harm to my White 2.

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Really, anything that you use that ISN'T your Pokemon game (or anything else that is not LICENSED or ENDORSED by Nintendo) to get items/Pokemon/events in your Pokemon game is cheating.
Obviously things like distributions from GameStop or getting a Pokemon from a trade is fine- trading is getting a Pokemon from another game legibly, and the distributions are Nintendo events.

-So it would be bad to use PokeSav/Pokedit Pokemon in a tournament.

You are using these things to generate the Pokemon you want without working or breeding for it.

By no means am I chewing you out :p I enjoy messing around with this kinda thing for fun, but obviously don't use them anywhere but in-game.

See what Nintendo says about cheating here.
They mention not using these Pokemon at official events.

Hope this helped :)