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This looks more like a Meta post than a PB one.
No its just that I chose froakie because the others looked stupid and I just saw he was the weakest
Lower stat total =/= weakest
Oh I see. Sorry it was confusing at first.

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The only reasonable explanation is that Game Freak designed Greninja that way.

My 2 cents? It's because Greninja is the fastest of all 3 starters. At base 115, it's tied with Starmie and faster than Infernape, so if you Spec'd/ Band'd Greninja, it will deal some pretty massive damage while being able to outspeed its threats and a lot of common Pokemon.

Delphox is relatively slow competitively, considering it's base 100 speed which is outsped by threats like Zoroark and Mienshao, and Chesnaught is tied with Breloom at base 70.

Soo my reasoning for Greninja being base 520 instead of 530 is because it would be slightly OP'd if it had that speed and base, idk, 100 atk or 95 sp. atk, considering that it does learn Extrasensory and Nasty Plot via level up, so it has something to deal with Chesnaught.

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I'm going to choose him: Froakie's the only starter to be able to succesfully switch into Psychic attacks.
...if you're only picking Froakie for that reason, do realise that Delphox has a Psychic resistance because of its typing. It's not like Psychic attacks will do massive damage to it.
Who is using Psychic attacks on Delphox Fondant? :P
They'd be using Surf.
Naw I mean if the only reason you're choosing Froakie is because it can take Psychic hits as a Greninja, then... it's kinda a non-point considering that Fennekin can take Psychic hits as a Delphox.
That's not the only reason. Water Shuriken. There's one.
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These are pages on new Pokémon. Most, if not all stats, are still just estimates. While they may be roughly accurate, they are not 100% accurate yet.

I believe they mention that on every page of a new pokémon.