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sure looks like it

Lickytung must be so jealous...
that's nasty i have now lost my love for greninja
in poke amie if you feed it pokepuffs it opens its mouth but it does not seem to be connected.

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Actually, Fondant is making a point here - Greninja does open it's mouth in Pokemon Amie:
enter image description here

I just can't tell if it is connected or not.
Suit it whatever you want, there's a picture - mouth open - say what you please.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUM4gJ9QBfQ

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Yeah I think. Greninja

I mean, it is pink and long and frogs tend to have long tongues.

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is it official, because if this is what you think, then you need to put in in the comments
It's  99.99% certain because it's part frog, and frogs have long pink tongues and if it isn't what could it be? Also it appears that it wraps around its mouth.
The only way to get it official is to ask Game Freak. Which I don't think is gonna happen very soon.
Actually Greninja does open his mouth. In Pokemon Amie when he's eating Pokepuffs.
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Yes Greninja's "scarf" is its tongue. It is not used in battle though =)