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My friend wants to know where to get a fire stone so he can evolve his growlithe into arcanine

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There are many ways to get a fire stone.

  1. Bill's grandfather. He's located at Cerulean City and you show him a Growlithe if you have HG and Vulpix if you have SS

  2. You can get Schoolboy Alan's(Route 36) phone number and he will tell you that he found a item and it would be a Fire Stone

  3. You can win one by getting 1st place in the Bug-Catching contest

  4. You can do the Pokeathlon Dome and like Fritjof said they are available on certain days. (Tues before National Dex and Sun and Thurs after National Dex)

  5. You can find them on the Pokewalker on Warm Beach. You have to take about 5000+ steps.

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On Teus. it costs 3000 pts.  On Sun and Thurs it costs only 2500 pts.  Also, you still can get it on Teus after you have the National Dex.  Great job with the response, Eric.  I've got to hand it to you.