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The second Gym is in the eastern part of Cyllage City. You reach it by going west from Camphrier Town, through the southernmost tunnel of Connecting Cave, then turning south to Ambrette Town and then going through the aquarium to go north along the beach.

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I've tried, but a lady keeps stopping me saying "W-w-wait! Stop! I dropped the fossil I was taking to the Fossil lab in Ambrette town. I'm really sorry, but could you wait a little bit until I find it?" May I please hear, or read your solution to this problem?
Have you been to Glittering Cave yet? It's located to the East of Ambrette Town and is probably where you have to go. Sorry for leaving that out of the answer, I completely missed that.
You find Team Flare in the back of glittering cave, just keep going straight and you'll be fine. ;)