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Well, I don't know anything about abbreviations, and I'm now asking about them.

What means ~

And when Black Kyurem's base stat on attack is 170, and it has nature, that plus attack, how much it's attack stat is?

So, how much does the nature plus and minus from the base stat?

These may be stupid questions, but I don't know :)


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STAB = Same Type Attack Bonus
OHKO = One Hit Knock Out

As for the nature question it's +10% or -10%. BTW the base stat doesn't change it just shows how high the stat can go. I found that an Adamant Natured perfect IVs and 252 EVs in the Attack stat equals 482. That's the highest amount of attack Kyurem-Black can reach.

Source: Knowledge + Pokebuilder :3

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Thanks a lot ;)