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I'm confused on several things.

  1. When you use a stat raising move, how much does it raise? Say you use Howl, and you raise your attack by one stage, does this mean that if you had, say, 70 attack, you would now have 71 attack?

  2. How much percentage of a chance does an attack with 100 accuracy have? Water Gun has 100 accuracy, but it can still miss. So what does 100 accuracy mean?

Updated Question: When your stats are lowered by 1 stage, does it lower it by 50% too? If so, does that mean after being lowered 2 stages you wont do any damage?

I'll very likely update this question if I have more questions.

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I answer to your new question: It does lower the stat by 50%. For example, if you have an Attack stat of 100 and your opponent uses Growl, your Attack is now 50. However, should Growl be used a second time, it will take away 50% of the new Attack stat. So, at -2, your Attack is now 25.
OK, thanks for the answer. I was afraid you might not answer.
No problem :3

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1) Raising a stat via boosting move raises it by 50%, or multiplies it by 1.5. If you have an Attack stat of 70 and use Howl, your attack will become 105.

70 x 1.5 = 105

2) Water Gun, with 100 accuracy, cannot miss under normal circumstances. However, a move with 100 accuracy is still subject to changes in evasion and accuracy via Sand Attack, Double Team, etc. Moves with infinite accuracy (Shock Wave, Swift) are unaffected by these changes and therefore cannot miss under any circumstances.

TL;DR 100 accuracy means it always hits but can miss under some conditions.

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Thank you so much! This was really helpful. I'm glad someone who actually studied answered instead of noobs that just say "I dun know", like they do on my more important questions.
No problem :)