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Are the new Gen. 6 games worth getting? I might be getting a 3ds soon, and since it can play the older games, I'm not sure whether to get X/Y, since they're about 45 dollars, and the 3ds is 170-210.....
note that they might be slightly cheaper in China


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Totally, Pokemon X/Y are a very great addition to the Pokemon games! It's the first Pokemon game to be in 3D (not including spin-offs) and it introduces Mega Evolutions. If you are into breeding and competitive battles, X/Y made IV breeding very easy. They also added new features like Pokemon Amie and Super Training. Super Training is the new way to EV train Pokemon this generation. You can still EV train by battling Pokemon, but I prefer Super Training. X/Y is also a top game for the 3DS right now. I've been playing Pokemon since Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Y didn't disappoint me one bit! Pokemon X/Y is the fastest selling 3DS title to sell 1 million units in one day, according to IGN

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hmm......... but what about the cost?
The cost in America or China?
For America Pokemon X/Y are $39.99 plus taxes in some states
Probably US, but what I meant was, whether $40 is worth it
Yes the $40 are worth every penny! :3
If you absolutely love Pokemon, this game will keep you busy for a VERY long time!