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I get that they affect stats, and all, but for ingame, that hardly matters.
Sure, you might prefer something with a beneficial nature if you do wifi-battles, but for me, that's the end of their usefulness...


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If all your worried about is ingame, yeah sure, natures don't exactly matter. But if your only worried about ingame, you might as well not EV train or IV breed your Pokemon, either. Those things only really matter if you're competitive battling, cause in the ingame story, The cpu's teams aren't really well thought out, trained, or bred. Real peoples' teams are, though, and that's why most people care about their nature.

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Just a suggestion, but could you please not use a contemptful tone?
Your answer is good, but it just feels like you are talking as if to a 7-year old who just started pokemon..
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People don't usually worry too much about natures in game actually. But in competitive battles and Wi-Fi battles, having that 10% boost in a certain stat is really nice and can be the difference between life and death.

But yeah, I don't really care about natures in game, unless they are really terrible (e.g. Modest Talonflame). The computer is dumb quite often so usually natures don't matter too much.

Yeah, I have an Adamant Empoleon. Really annoying when because of the -SpA