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So, I’ve used Hypno very well (even better than Alakazam and Mewtwo!), but I know Generation 2 and 1 are totally different, so is it worth training? I’ve just got a Drowzee, and I do not have a Psychic type in my party.

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Anything can work well in game, you just have to level it up enough.

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Ay, I know this has been answered, but I want to give a bit of a breakdown comparing Hypno to other Psychic types.

Starting things off, Hypno doesn’t really have the offensive presence that is usually preferred in game. It’s stats are pretty balanced, and it has pretty good Special Defense. While this is good in some cases, like I always say, it’s better to be fast and hit hard than to be bulky when you’re doing a playthrough.

Now, I have a few suggestions that do pretty well in game. First is Espeon. Eevee is a gift from Bill in Goldenrod City, and to evolve it into Espeon, max out it’s friendship and level it up in the daytime. Espeon is great for in game usage due to its high speed and Special Attack, plus it has good Special Defense. I’d teach it Psychic, Bite, Morning Sun, and Attract because it’s movepool is garbage.

Next is Alakazam. It definitely has a better movepool than Espeon. It’s Speed and Special Attack are superior to Espeon’s, and its Special Defense is tied with Espeon. It’s downside is that it’s Defense and HP are worse that Espeon’s, so Espeon can, overall, take hits better than Alakazam. The moveset I would use would be Psychic, Recover, Fire Punch/Ice Punch, and Thunder Punch/Ice Punch. It gets earlier recovery at an earlier level than Espeon, which is nice. You could use Thief over one of the elemental punches for Ghost types.

Now I’ll give a breakdown of Hypno. It has better Defensive stats than Alakazam and Espeon across the board, but it’s offensive stats are very lackluster compared to Espeon and Alakazam’s. It can take special hits well, I guess I’ll give it that. I would use a similar set to the Alakazam one, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Shadow Ball, Psychic, since it provides great coverage in BoltBeam.

So, hopefully I got all of this right, I’m not very familiar with earlier Pokémon generations. I know it was before the physical/special split though.... so yep.

Hope this helps! :)

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Gastly is the only ghost that anyone ever uses, and it's weak to psychic. Kadabra and Alakazam don't need thief.
Just an option. I do prefer the elemental punches myself.
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If you don't care about your own time, then you can raise almost anything to level 100 and sweep the game with that. If you do care about your own time, then you will want Pokemon that can quickly learn strong moves and defeat most opponents in 1 or 2 turns. Kadabra fits this description better than Hypno. It has 120 base special attack and learns psychic at level 38. Hypno has 73 base special attack and learns psychic at level 49. So use Kadabra if you care about your time and want a good psychic Pokemon.

Also Haunter's physical attack stat and special moves are bad. If you can't evolve it into Gengar, then I recommend putting it in a PC.


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Well, if you really want a sort of in-game competitive like team, you would need some sort of wall. Hypno is a good special wall. It has good special defense. It also has decent special attack so it can use it to its fullest (because psychic is special). So overall, you should try it out because since its attack and special attack are equal, the pre-physical special split does not affect it. It can learn lots of coverage.

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Hypno is viable, however, 73 in both attacking stats is average and it makes it an okay mixed attacker. It's not as frail as Alakazam, thus being able to take special hits well with 115 base special defence, which is good. However, I would go with other Psychic-types, although Hypno isn't that bad of an option; you just need to make the right investments.
Access to Hypnosis is nice so it makes it easier to catch other wild Pokemon, among access to other utilities. However, offensively it won't be hitting extremely hard. Overall, it's not a bad Pokémon it's just not as good as other Psychic-types, unfortunately.


Ice Punch / Headbutt
Fire Punch / Thief
Thunder Punch / Hypnosis

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