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Right now my Abra lvl 12 has a jolly nature. Is that bad?


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Yes it is. This downs its special attack and raises it's speed. Abra and it's evolutions have two good natures: Modest and Timid. Modest raises it's special attack, but lowers it's attack stat. This isn't a problem since abra and it's evolutions are special sweepers and have a low attack stat already. Timid raises its speed but lowers it's attack stat. Again this isn't a problem since it doesn't lower it's awesome special attack but it's already embarrassing attack stat that would not even be used anyway. Keep in mind, never, ever use a jolly abra, kadabra or alakazam .

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Thanks it did. I tried to catch one like that and ended up with a Naive Abra I don't think that is too bad right? It raises speed like Timid only it lowers special defense, also What's a good ability for Abra?  Does Twisted Spoon help?  Sorry if this is too much to answer but I'm curious :D
Magic guard is a good ability for alakazam. It is it's DW ability though. Naïve is not bad, but it is not the best. If Alakazam has magic guard, then life orb is the best item for it. Since it doesn't take indirect damage with magic guard. If not, then twisted spoon is a good item :)
Thanks I thought I had to catch another one. Man those things annoy me with their teleport :)
lol, ikr