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OK, so this is my current situation...
I am playing Pokemon soulsilver version (generation four remake of silver version) and I am at the safari. I am trying to obtain three or so Abras that are modest with synchronize, my party in the safari is a kadabra, modest with synchronize and a traded persian, adamant, traded skarmory and hippowdon, both impish.
i would like to know the chance of a modest abra with synchronize 'caus I only got one over about three boxes stuffed with abras and many more released.
so far I know thanks to pokebase that both the nature and ability is based on the Pokemons genes (individual values) which I originally did not know, I used to think that ability was the only thing out of the two that is affected by genes.
i would prefer the layout of the calculations made to figure out the chances of this kind of abra but would still up-vote just the answer but not best it.
yours truly,

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Just putting it out there: it's the Personality Values that calculate nature/ability/etc., not Individual Values.

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Alright, here's the odds for,

>Finding an Abra at all = 30% of 100 = 30
Finding Abra with Synchronize = 50% of 30 = 15
Finding Abra with Synchronize and Modest nature = 50% of 15 = 7.5% chance

Without the odds of finding Abra though, the chances are:

>With Synchronize = 50% of 100 = 50
With Synchronize and Modest nature = 50% of 50 = 25% chance

Reasoning behind calculations: Firstly, the chance rate of finding an Abra in the Safari Zone is 30% (source) so I took a full percentage 100 and took a 30 percent out of it. Without that, we are left assuming that all your encounters are Abras (meaning a 100% chance, which means it can be ignored). This was in case you were hunting only for Abra.

Abra has two possible abilities, hence the chances of having any one ability (Synchronize here) is 50%. And lastly, the chance of Synchronize working and passing Modest nature is also 50%.

Hope I helped!

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thanks, i was very curious because i only ever got one so far.
all my gratitude,
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UPDATE: wait! i have a modest kadabra with synchronize, could you add that in the maths.
That is already in the maths lol. I thought that was what your question said?
cool thanks
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With a Pokemon with the ability Synchronize in the lead of your party, there is a 50% chance of encountering a wild Pokemon with the same nature, in your case, "Modest".

According to Bulbapedia there is a 30% chance of encountering a wild Abra in the Safari Zone (there's a specific area).
There is a 50% chance to get an Abra with the ability Synchronize.
Therefore the Probability of Encountering a Wild Synchronize Abra with a Modest Nature via the Synchronize Methode is:

30/100 x 50/100 x 50/100= 0.075= 7.5%

There you go.

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good answer, i up-voted it for you.