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I know the odds normally are pretty high (1 in 4096, I believe), but while going through the Zubat cave on my X Nuzlocke, I encountered a horde on my first try, and one of the Zubats was shiny!

I'm just curious of the odds of that happening without using honey/sweet scent, and then finding a shiny!

The reason they are confused is because your question and title are quite misleading! ^.^

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Well, its 1 in 4096 normally, but encountering five at the same time makes it five times the chance. So its simply a 5 in 4096 chance of encountering a shiny Pokemon in hordes

Hope I helped. :)

I am not asking what the odds of finding a shiny in a horde is! I am asking what the odds are of finding a horde without honey/sweet scent, AND finding a shiny in one go! (in all honesty, I'm getting tired of repeating myself)
Lunara, I was referring to Mini's calculation that Indigo's chance of simply finding a shiny in a horde was wrong. This has nothing to do with the answer you actually want in the end :P
Okay, sorry. I'm just getting a little annoyed, is all. ;_;
Sempiternus, as I said, his calculation was almost the exact same with the answer.
5/4096 = 0.00122070312
1 - (4095/4096)^5 = 0.00122010722
However, that doesnt mean that the calculation Indigo used is right. This time, it was kind of a luck to have almost the same answer. If you change the question to percentage of having shiny in 10 pokemon, there will be quite a large gap between the actual answer if you do 10/4096
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The chances of encountering a horde is slim, but with honey or Sweet Scent, it is 100% in grass or caves.

Normally, the chance of encountering a shiny is 1/4096 but due to hordes, it is 5/4096 and simplify that it is 1/819.2.

Happy shiny hunting!

Once again, I am not asking what the chances of finding a shiny in a horde is. I am asking what the odds of both finding a horde without sweet scent/honey, and finding a shiny at the same time.
It tells nowhere about the chance of encountering a horde battle, but if it does, the chance will be "chance of encountering horde battle * 0.00122 * 100 (%)"