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Is he relatively useful in-game or not? I see he is specially defensive, but is he good for anything other than soaking hits from select Pokemon? He does have 3 weaknesses but resists 7 types so he could be a valuable wall. But I don't know his moveset...

Well, walls are less effective ingame. Well, not really less effective, just unneeded, as you don't need to switch around a bunch and get good resists and have matches take forever when instead you can just sweep the foe with ease.

As for its use as a wall outside of ingame, it has solid stats and typing, but nothing so far indicates a walling moveset. Lacking a recovery move generally sucks.
Awh, I thought as much... But as for walls I agree, but I ahve found several exceptions like Serperior who can be very useful in Black/White2
^ But that's because in-game trainers are usually not equipped to deal with stat stallers, so you can set up Light Screen and mass spam Coil.

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He is good at more than just sp defence he is an amazing special attacker mine is over 300 special attack at level 100 so he can also do that.

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