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I have a Magneton card 11/62 holo that is in a foreign language and I cannot find any info on it. I believe it might be Dutch or German. Does anyone have any info if this is a rare card?

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Does the card really say 'Magnetron'?  Because that would mean microwave oven...
I would require a picture to answer this. Or what series it's from.

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Though I cannot see the card, a Reverse Holo Magneton typically is just that, a Holo Magneton. Holo's can be any card in a series, and depending on which set it's from, it could be rare, or it could be worth as much as a normal Magneton.

I'm afraid I cannot make any final calls without seeing it, but I foreign or not, they typically aren't worth much. Earlier sets, maybe. But now-a-days, not particularly