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So, I collect Pokemon cards.

I have a huge stack of fakes I got from a friend. I can tell b/c of outrages health points and retreat costs. But I have some, like two different forms of Meloetta, Deoxys, Keldeo, Black Kyurem, and Zapdos that I got from the same friend at the same time. I need to know what can tell me that they're fake. So I can add them to my big hefty book of cards.

Please and thank you!

This is easy but doesn't work on all fake cards. If a card doesn't appear on this database, it's fake.

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*Well one give away is if the card seems very fainted in color,

  • Another would be if the pokeball on the back of the card is off center/upside down.

*This one is kind of hard to check, but is the card rips extremely easily then it is fake

*Also if the card bends and gets dented extremely easily then it might be fake

*One more is that is the HP seems to high to be true Then it is fake

Remember people will try to trick you! I recommend watching "FAKE POKÉMON CARDS-How to identify them" by a youtuber called PrimetimePokemon. Hope this helps buddy!

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There are some REALLY obvious reasons why a card could be fake, like if it has 14000 Hp or does 5000 attack, but there are other ways too. If the card has the "Hp" behind of the number, it is fake. But don't assume that this is foolproof, as there are sometimes mistakes in the printing, and if it was genuine with a mistake like that it could be valuable. You could also tell if it is fake if it has spelling errors, but like above, this is not a perfect way of sniffing out fakes. If the back is more purple than blue it could be fake, and if it bends easily, it also could be fake. Real cards will always have a black part in between the cardboard if you look carefully, and fake cards don't.