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Is this card fake or real its a meloettaex with hp of 11000 rc25/rc25

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I'm pretty sure it is a fake if it is 11000 hp and wouldn't be worth anything really but if it is was 110 hp it could be sold for around 7-10 dollars according to the average
But I can't be 100% positive
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I'd say fake. Any card with a hp of 11000 is usually fake. Its just common sense.
1100 is also, not reasonable, but 110 is.
A Meloetta-EX with 110 HP would most likely be between 6-9 dollars, Although, I don't think a Meloetta EX would have that low of health. Though, of course, a regular Meloetta could possibly have that much health.
So, a regular Meloetta, with 110 HP, would be worth around 5-9 Dollars, depending on the Moves, and the actual card rarity.

I may have gotten some of this wrong, as I'm not exactly a Pokemon TCG genius, but this should be accurate. If I'm wrong about something, please leave a comment and correct me.

Hope I helped!

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