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I was looking through my collection of Pokemon cards a few days ago and I found a Zoroark Holo from BreakThrough (if I remember correctly, it was 91/166, but I could be wrong) when I looked closely, it was marked as a common on the card, but when I did some research, it was a rare, even when I searched for error cards in BreakThrough I couldn't find anything related to the card, other than the non-misprint version of it...


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could be fake
It could be fake if 1 of these is true:

A) it has a differently shaded back to a definitely real card

B) it's supposed to shine but doesn't


C) it has been called fake by a professional

If those factors aren't true it's probably just a misprint

Edit: it could be fake if it looks like it should be textured but isn't.

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thanks for that, I will check later as I don't have it on me, but it does shine, its a holo and I can't quite get a professional to check it as i'm not near an EB Games (Australia)