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Remember the Chikorita card with a portal to the city with Fennekin looking inside from it? I have 2 of those cards. One of them is holographic but the other isn't. I can't provide an image but please answer. Thanks!

Can you give us a picture of the card?
@Astro Yeah but, I have a holo one.
@Astro (2nd comment) Oh yeah, I know about that one. CandyEvie talked about it.
@sunwun I said I can't provide a picture.

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Well, since you're talking about this card, I can say with certainty that it is real. It's the first card in the XY Breakthrough series (I read on reddit somewhere that the theme for that wave was parallel dimensions or something, hence the portal). I found images of both Japanese (shown above) and English versions. As for the holo card, that's real as well.

TL;DR all real cards :)

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Okay, thank you!
No problem :D