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I found this card in an old deck. It's a Trainer card with Battle Reporter 88/111. It also has a faint print of Tool Retriever over the top. It's not from two cards stuck face to face because all of the printing is facing the right way. Nothing printed backwards.

The card in question.

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Go to http://imgur.com/upload and upload it there, then post a link to it here. Don't worry about using a URL shortener like the one in your original post. If you like, I can format it into your post for you.
That would be great. Thanks
It's too bad that the card is in bad shape, it'd be even more valuable if it was in mint condition.

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It appears to be a just regular misprint. While rare, there is nothing particularly special about them. You will be unable to use this card in any official TCG tournaments, and I doubt the average joe would be interested in it. So, you are faced with a few options:

Option A: This will make a fine addition to my collection.

There is always the option to put the card up for sale on a site like eBay, or more specific places for selling trading cards (unfortunately I have no experience selling cards, so you'll have to find them yourself). Local gaming or comic book stores may also take interest in this card. If you do want to sell it, getting it appraised by an expert would be in your best interests. It's age alone may be enough to net your a few dollars.

Option B: Finder keepers.

Keep it! Priceless or worthless, this card is rare and possibly unique. Frame it or put it in a sleeve or something, then show it off to your friends. Heck, even use it as a good luck charm. It's not every day you find a misprint.

Option C: More bang for your buck.

Swindle some elementary student and trade it for something awesome.
(I'm only joking, tricking children is mean.)

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