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I have been playing the Pokemon TCG for a long time, but I was thinking, what are all the different kinds of cards with special effects?
Like how evolving an EX ends your turn, or when you knock out a prism star card it goes to the lost zone.
You don't have to list all the cards in that category, but please list the type of card, and the effect.
Example: EX; take two prize cards on KO
You should also list how some Pokemon have special attributes, as an example, Ancient Trates. (You don't need to say what it is though).
You do not have to list things like abilities or poke-powers.
Also include trainer cards such as Ace spec cards.


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The links have pages with them listed. Note: some of these do not have lists.

Dark/Shining Pokemon: Dark; Sometimes Dark type instead/in addition to its regular typing, Shining; are shiny :P

Light Pokemon: Have more HP and supportive moves.

Pokemon ☆: Have different names and are shiny, can only have 1 in your deck.

Baby Pokemon: Can evolve into their Basic counterparts.

Crystal Pokemon: Colorless Cards that use 3 energy types and all have Poke-Bodys that change their type.

Delta Species Pokemon: Dual-typed and/or often a different type than normal (RSE era only)

Pokemon ex: Draw 2 prize cards from getting knocked out. (RSE era only)

Pokemon LV. X: Can use moves of the Pokemon it evolved from, Have more moves, abilities, and HP. (D/P/Pt era only)

Pokemon with held items: Appeared throughout D/P/Pt sets, worked similarly to Ancient traits.

Pokemon Prime: Cool looking card, is slightly more powerful than an average one would be. (HG/SS era only)

Pokemon LEGEND 2 cards that had to be played with their other half card; often had daul weaknesses/resistances/Types. (HGSS Era only)

Ace Spec: (can only have 1 in your deck)

Pokemon EX/M EX: (Get 2 prize cards for knocking out; M EX also end your turn upon evolving, unless you hold a spirit link)

BREAK Pokemon: Cards that give a Pokemon more HP as well as another attack/ability. Count as their own evolution stage.

Ancient Trait Pokemon: Pokemon with supportive battle traits, like abilities, but cannot be suppressed in the same way. (ORAS sets only)

Steam Siege Shiny Pokemon: Dual typed and shiny. Only appeared in the Steam Siege expansion.

Pokemon GX: Like EX, but have a GX move (you can only use 1 GX move per battle) and some evolve off of previous stages.

Prism Star Cards: You can only have 1 copy of each in your deck, and the card goes into the lost zone after being discarded.

Team/Trainer owned Pokemon: usually have effects trigger according to its owner and specific cards.

Pokemon SP: Have different names and are similar to trainers Pokemon.

Arceus Cards From the Arceus expansion: You can have as many of them as you would like in your deck.

Edit: I got a few I missed, Remembered Arceus.

Hope I helped!

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Wow thanks!
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I don't think the Prime cards count as a special effect. You also forgot that Pokemon Star cards (from advanced generation) can only exist once in each deck, and that Pokemon LV. X cards are stronger than regular cards and have additional moves, Poke Powers, or Poke Bodies.
Edited, and I think Pokemon Prime count: they and LEGEND cards replaced LV X, and:
> The only difference, in terms of gameplay, is that they are considerably more powerful than their regular counterparts.
I believe they are important enough to be listed. :|