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An owner or form name in a Pokémon’s name is part of the Pokémon’s name:
Meowth, Alolan Meowth, and Rocket’s Meowth have different names

-Sun Moon Rulebook

Do the Rotom forms count as different names (like Alola forms) or not?
Ex: Wash Rotom and Heat Rotom:

I really want to know (because I am unsure)

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Rotom-Heat looks like he wants to dab lmao. Also why’d you tag this with rules?
Because it includes the rules of the TCG. I want to know if I can put 4 of each rotom form in my deck:P
These Rotom cards are awesome, no energy.

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yes they will they will be a bit rarer then your run off the mill rotor but they will exist and look different with variations of moves and card art.

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