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I've played Pokemon back since the beggining until the release of neo-genesis and back then the metal energy was a special energy card. So, I'm willing to "restart" in pokémon TCG, but noticed that now we have some kind of basic metal energy card, as well a basic dark energy card. Does the old special energy still have effects in today metagame? Or are they banned? How many cards can I have for each one? Can I still use 4 special metal/dark energy?

i'm pretty sure old metal energy cards aren't allowed in standard or expanded play of the TCG. Usually old cards like that are reprinted, but the latest special energy cards have been new versions.
iirc any card more than 4 years old can't be used competitively. So Steel/Dark Special Energies from the 2000s can't be used, unless it's casual matches.
except for regular energies of course. al electric, fighting, grass, etc. energy can be used.
Oh yes.
Thank you guys. Got good answers with it. Sadly my cards won't have any use now, but this is how the game works. Thank you again (:

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This has been sufficiently answered in the comments, so for the sake of getting this off the unanswered list, no. Those cards are too old for competitive use.

They are okay for unofficial matches with friends, though :)

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