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It might be a misprint, but it could also be a fake.... this vid could help

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While the producers of Pokemon cards have created their fair share of misprints (ranging from fairly minor errors to blatantly obvious and embarrassing errors), mispelling the names of the Pokemon themselves draws the line. If the card's title is mispelled then it is very likely to be a fake, unfortunately. Furthermore, if the card was not purchased from a major retailer or if it has characteristics similar to that in the video linked above, this strengthens the illegitimacy of the card.

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I'm pretty sure it's not fake. Search "Gamerupt EX" on google and you should see what they look like
Further research that it is an unofficial card produced in a factory in China: https://tictail.com/s/discountpokemoncards/full-art-exs-21-cards
Seems to have a 'Trevanent' card as well.