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"There seems to be a problem with the Pokemon in the Battle Video"

Why does this message appear?

  • The battle is normal
  • They have legit items, legit Pokemon
  • All Pokemon are level 100 (Except for a shiny Lv. 60 Toxicroak)
  • Got them from Pokedit
Pokedit is hacked pkmn i think
^ mm that might be right, although i know nothing about pokeedit

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Yeah, it's because of Pokedit. Smaller changes casued by Pokedit (i.e artificial IVs, EVs or Trainer I.D) can affect the legitimacy of the Pokemon used, causing an error. It's not exactly known why this happens, but there ya go. Use a party of 6 random Pokemon caught from the wild to test it, if you want.

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Knew it. Thanks!