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I've had this problem before, but I can't remember how I got around it: When I enter my login details, the page refreshes and nothing happens. How do I log in?

Maybe you should try reading one of those questions over there. -->
Maybe you should. I already have and they are several years old and irrelevant.
I would, but I'm illiterate.
There could be a variety of things that could cause this; have you made sure your password is right? That's a good place to start.
No matter what I enter, even if it's what I know my login details are, or a username or password nobody will have, the same thing happens. Can someone else try this too? It's definitely happened before. I think it was an officially recognised glitch at some point and was fixed, but it's back again and nobody cares anymore.

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Global Link will never work if you have a history of a cheating device on your 3DS. Did you use any cheating devices in the past (such as homebrew)? if not, contact Nintendo

I have never cheated. I have actually contacted nintendo now. But I probably won't get a reply for a while.