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(Sorry about the bad quality of the card) So I was going through my Pokemon cards and I found this, I did some research on it and cant find it anywhere else, and I was just wondering if it is actually a misprint/error card. Any extra information you have on the card would be good to know.
Name: Pachirisu
Moves are Gnaw (Does 10) and Pachi (does 20)
Weakness is Fighting (+10)
Resistance is Steel (-20)
Retreat is *
I'm not really sure if it is right to put it here but I don't really know where else to put it
Thanks in advance!
https://instagram.com/p/4AEn0oxlI-/?taken-by=katchan360 (Card) Sorry the Link didn't show up.

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Did you even look at the card? It had Pikachus Pokedex entry on the bottom. I'm not stupid. And I'm aware it has all of Pachirisu's info in the middle of the card. And agaon, the text isn't in the right font and it's too glossy. It's fake.

"It occasionally uses an electric shock to recharge a fellow PIKACHU that is in a weakened state."

Know what you're talking about before you talk to me like that, if you please.
Another thing you can do is rip it in half. Real pokemon cards have a blackish layer in the middle of them. (In between the front and back) If this one doesn't have that, it is fake (though I'm 100%sure it is already)
I'm with Lunar, the card is DEFINITELY fake.
I looked here --> http://www.serebii.net/card/dex/417.shtml
here --> http://www.serebii.net/card/dex/025.shtml
there is no existing card that looks like that
Lunar, if you know that the card is fake then why don't you answer? The other answer doesn't say that the card is fake.
I've said what's wrong with it already. I think that's good enough.

I've been collecting for literally 12 years. I'm mad because Infernape thinks I'm wrong when I know im not. It's a fake card, end of story.

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It is hard to tell if it's a fake or misprint but I can tell you these things....

1. The Pokemon in the picture....is obviously NOT a Pachirisu.
2. Pachirisu is actually 1'04" tall, not 1'08" tall.
3. Gnaw is one of Pikachu's moves (in the TCG), not one of Pachirisu's.
4. Pachi is not a move....
5. None of the actual Pachirisus (in the TCG) have 50 HP. They all have 70 HP.

Since there are a lot of mistakes and not just a simple typo, I would assume the card to be a fake. There is a chance that it could just be a misprint, but based on my knowledge and the above facts, I would regard the card to be a fake.

Since you have the card and can investigate this more closely, I can give you these tips....

1. If there is no accent above the "e" in "Pokémon" on the back of the card, then the card is DEFINITELY a fake.
2. If the card text looks fuzzy, then it is a fake.
3. If the color is more faded than usual, it CAN be a fake.
4. If the card feels thin or lighter than usual, it also CAN be a fake.
5. If, on the back of the card, there is no "TM" at the end of the "Pokémon" logo, then it is a fake.

Hope I helped!

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Thank you for answering. I did a little research and found one other person with the same card but their page asking about it was lacking in deatail and was generaly bad. All of the "e" in Pokémon have the little accent and the TM is there also, I didn't find it to be fuzzy and it feels like the rest of my cards, colours seem right too. I don't really mind if its a fake or anything its just nice to know about it as I'm not selling them or anything. Thanks again for your information on the card.
No problem. I'm glad that I could help. Since all the copyright things are there....it is probably just a major misprint. And, could you please select my answer? It would be really helpful. Once again, I'm glad that I could help.
I collect Pokemon cards. I know what's real and what's not. That card is definitely fake. If the rest of your cards look like that, they must be fake as well.
They don't all have 70 HP
look here