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I'm sure that misprint like this is extremely rare
Its from Evolutions set


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I looked around for an hour and couldn't find anything on this card except a normal one is worth $2.40. No errors like this one have been reported, ever, and they do report error cards. Not saying it's not legit, saying if it is, it's RARE. However, the way these cards are produced, the likely hood of the front getting printed on the back or vise versa is the slimmest error possible. Did you open the pack or did someone give this to you because this doesn't look like any usual error. I've checked dozens of error lists, and since none of them have this type of error, I believe this one isn't likely and would be shocked if this was the only error of it's type. But, ya know, it is possible I am wrong, just way not probable.
Here is the most reputable source I could find (Bulbapedia) Note that there are other lists and none of them had that card
Don't hate me if I am wrong, but I really don't think this card is real :(((
Another note: the only misprints for Evolutions set are "Devolution Spray" and "Pikachu" cards.

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