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My son has a card that it took us a while to figure out. It is a double printed card from 2014. 88/111 battle reporter and 101/111 tool reverse together. I haven't seen anything online to be able to understand what it's worth. If anyone knows anything about this and can shine some light on this it would be great. Thanks

A picture of the card would greatly help in this situation, also, there's the possibility that it could be a fake card.
By Tool Reverse did you mean Tool Retriever?
I have the same card!

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Double Prints are actually quite rare and valuable. These cards are destroyed at the plate as they are very easy to detect, so for one to make it into circulation is very uncommon. You might have a thousand dollar plus card.

I must emphasize "might" as getting a sought after card with a miprint is more valuable than non-valuable, however it is still something you might want to get appraised.

Get it appraised at your local card shop, but do not sell it to them. They will try to rip you off it is valuable at MOST shops. I would hold onto it. It is guaranteed to go up in value as its worth is not based on the format.