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I have this Pokemon TCG card. It is slightly smaller than my others, and the side with the Pokeball on it is faded. It is a holo card.

Is it a fake?

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Would need a picture for reference.
If it's smaller, it is likely fake. But a picture is the best way to tell. You'd probably need pictures of the front and back as well as a picture of it next to a real card to check the size.
You should also see if it would rip easy (don't actually rip it, normal cards are pretty much more steady from it than fake's. My Half-brother lives in Austrillia, where a lot of stuff is faked
The Pokemon card faking isn't that bad here. xD
At least, not in Queensland.
I have a bunch of bad fakes I got from a dollar store; I have "Gyrados" and a Deino with the "Herdbutt" attack. Fear me, PokemonTCG
Fear the power of Herdbutt.

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Yes maybe Pokemon cards from the kermis is fake so yes hope I helped :)

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check if the written are correct because fakes are (maybe) always have wrong letters like toxicroak turned into toxucroak

Go, Wartortleh!
I heard that from some sort of video about their amazingly awesomely fake cards. And I'm sure you don't care. :3
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Most likely it is a fake