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Hey, I have a Charizard card and next to its name it says "Delta species" with 120 HP. It also says its an electric type... Under the picture of Charizard it says " This pokémon is both electric and steel type." its poké-body is, "Peal of Thunder" and its move is "Metal Burn" wich needs one normal energy, one electric energy, and two steel energy. I have never heard of an Electric Charizard before...is this card even real? I also have an electric Charmander. I got it through trading I think...


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Yes, this Charizard is a real card.


It's an Electric/Steel type because it's a Delta Species, which is explained below.

>δ Delta Species are different from normal Pokémon in that their type is not what they would be expected to be. For example, Rayquaza δ becomes a dual-type Lightning/Metal Pokémon, as opposed to a Colorless-type.

Hope this helps!


This is the card. Awesome Sauce thank you!