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I’m just wondering if it is
Edit: It has a light scratches on the back of the cartridge.

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Some fakes do work...
i know i put "if it works its PROBABLY real BUT if its FAKE".
My question is why would someone care if it's fake if it works?
Because it could cause issues with other games or the system down the line even if the game itself runs fine, there might be changes or mistakes or there might be issues in re-selling or trading in the game if they catch on that it's fake.
About the scratches on the back, I bought Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time the other day and it has the letters "IN" written in the back in sharpie, and the game still works.

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If you bought your copy pre-owned from GAME, as you mentioned in one of your comments, then it's a legitimate copy. Stores that sell pre-owned games almost always check them over and test them before selling, which is why they're a much safer option to buy games than from eBay or Amazon. In terms of the game box and cartridge, both are good quality. None of the text is blurry, all the correct information is there, and the cartridge is properly put together. The only damage appears to be the scratches on the back of the box and the cartridge, which won't affect the game at all and are pretty normal for pre-owned games.

I recommend this video to help identify if a game is fake or not.

Hope I helped!