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Since mystery dungeon red and blue have been confirmed for wii u, I was planning on buying it. However, blue is more expensive than red because blue was the ds version. So, to help me decide on what one to get, I wanted to know the exact differences between each game. This includes graphical changes (if any) items, Pokemon and maybe even glitches.


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Certain Pokemon are only available in Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. The exclusive Pokemon cannot be found in the other version unless a certain password is entered.
The Pokemon exclusive to Blue Rescue Team are Magikarp, Lapras, Aipom and Minun. The Pokemon exclusive to Red Rescue Team are Porygon, Mantine, Plusle, Roselia and Feebas.Pokemon Red Rescue Team is played in GBA and Pokemon Blue Rescue Team is played in NDS.


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Both will be available on the WiiU eShop in the UK soon.
So if they are pretty much the same, and version exclusives can be obtained with a code, I don't see and reason not to get red as it is cheaper. Thanks for the help. Also does anyone know if it is coming to Australia