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I found a 2016 World Championship Card: Mega Audino EX. But for some reason, it wasn't holographic. Also, it was textured, while not even being a full-art.

I asked this question just in case its normal for 2016 World Championship cards to be in this shape.

And it doesn't say "fake card" at the bottom, like others do.
Check ALL of the information given and look at the card. If it looks a little different or the card has different information, it is fake. If it is also too dull or vibrant, it is also probably fake. If it bends easily, it also probably is a fake. Also, make sure that there is nothing underneath it but a black layer and the bottom of the card.
Oh, ok! Thanks!
showing us a photo of the card might help

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My Friend has tons of fake cards. And the center on the poke ball at the back, there is some white stuff on the thing that seperates the red and white part of the poke ball, also you can try and find a layer behind it, just by bending the front part. If there is some trash behind it or the card just bends easily. Well, yeah!

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