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it is a Suicune which is water type
there is a rock symbol like in rock paper scissors in the top-left corner
the bottom says VIP


on the left it says attack-56897
on the right it says defense-67245
on the back it looks normal with a trademark symbol
i also got a similar Oshawott from some kid at school
Is it legit?


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Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything about these. Tbh I am sure these are fake, sorry pal :C
Source: I have been fooled a lot of time by buying counterfeit cards and now I have developed a skill of finding the difference between fake and real cards.

Pokemon never released these kind of cards, and I looked at that VIP card, and it had PokePark2 pics on them, I was on Pokemon Craze Phase when PokePark2 came out and I never heard/saw these cards.
Sorry definitely fake.

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it had trademark...