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I am trying to organize these cards to sell.I really lacking any experience with Pokemon cards and was told buyers
want to know what set each card is from.If someone out there with selling experience could please send me some pointers on what info from the cards do I need to sell them.This may be a lot to ask for, but I sure would appreciate any help!!
George Morris

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What do you mean by "set"?

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In order to fins out what set each card is from, look for a small symbol at the bottom-left of every card.


See that little checkered box? It is something like that. Each set, or "expansion," has a unique symbol. You'll also notice that this particular card is numbered 54/114. This means that there are 114 different types of cards in this particular expansion. Arranging them numerically is another good way to organize your cards.

For a full list of expansion symbols and what they mean, look here.
If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

Hey Astronautical, thanks for responding to my question!
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