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So I'm going to have an Aegislash in my team with this moveset:

Sacred Sword
Swords Dance
King's Shield
Shadow Claw / Shadow Sneak

I'm not sure which one would be better. Both are good, technically, but Shadow Sneak would be used more for finishing off an enemy whereas Shadow Claw would be used to attack ghost types without losing the defense stance.

Which, in your opinion, would be better? Thanks.


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Pyroar, Aegislash's worst enemy!

Woah such a tough question. Sometimes I like to use Swords Dance one or two times and begin sweeping with Shadow Sneak, and annoy physical attackers with King's Shield (ha, suck it Blaziken, 2 attack decreases for you). But there are those times when you're up against a Pokemon that resists fighting-type moves and you can't set up against, so shadow claw could be useful in those situations.

It's honestly down to preference, I would choose Shadow Sneak myself. Or if you don't set up that often, you could replace Swords Dance with Shadow Claw so you can have both!

I would either choose Shadow Sneak or replace Swords Dance/Sacred Sword with Shadow Claw and keep both Ghost-type moves. I would choose the former if I were you, I only provided you with the latter if you felt you didn't use Swords Dance often enough.

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It was a tough choice, but I honestly did see myself using Shadow Sneak more. Probably will do that, thanks!