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I forgot to ask this a while ago but can Shadow Sneak hit while the foe is using dig because it worked for me! Is that normal?

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It's because your Honedge or Doublade had No Guard. No Guard will hit anything, including when your opponent is in the semi-invulnerable turns of Dig/ Dive/ Fly.

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Oh that's awesome! Thanks! Is it only the move Shadow Sneak or can it be shadow ball or something like that? Because I'm thinking of making my Aeigislash re-learn Shadow Sneak.
No Guard means all attacks made by or against the Pokémon are to hit, even in the invulnerable stages of dive, fly, dig, sky attack, shadow force and even sky drop. Say your Also, Aeigislash has Stance change as its ability, so it doesn't get.the effects of No guard. Yes again, after afew swords dances in sheid form, shadow sneak is A VERY GOOD priority move for it.