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dig covers up all of sylveons weaknesses ground poison and fire it's super effective but sylveon has horrible attack. shadow ball goes with sylveons Sp.A stats but isnt super effective to any of it's resisting types so should I go with shadow ball or dig or something else that you have in mind.
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What I'm about to jot down is the best Sylveon set out there, and it's for a reason:

Sylveon @ Choice Specs
Ability: Pixilate
EVs: 240 HP / 252 SpA / 16 Spe
Modest Nature
- Hyper Voice
- Psyshock
- Hidden Power Fire
- Baton Pass

At least in OU that is. Now, OU has been infested by steel types ever since GSC first introduced them, and has only gotten more popular since. Creepers like Ferrothorn, Scizor and Skarmory are still very viable, and Shadow Ball isn't getting you too far. Dig is a very bad option as it comes through it's measly Attack stat. Your best option here, is Hidden Power Fire.
Or, if you are afraid one fine day a Heatran will mow you down, you could also consider Hidden Power Ground as a solid option.

If neither is available (due to needing specific IVs for Hidden Power) then go for Shadow Ball.

Hope I helped!

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