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I got a pocket monsters card that is a 1998 P.M. Japanese charizard -holo in gem mt 10 condition. It is also a CD promo card as well . I would like to see if some one could help in telling me how much it maybe worth so I can sell and give money to my son. thank you all for who answer my question


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Is this the card your talking about?:
enter image description here
If so, I've looked up the prices on eBay, and they range between about $20-$30 on average. These are 'Buy It Now!' prices though, I'm not counting bid prices because they are like $5 and ridiculous stuff. xD

I'm using eBay Australia, and I'm using Australian prices.
Really, you can sell it for any reasonable price as long as the receiver is happy.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: eBay Australia

Thank you very much for the helping hand !