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I have a lot of questions about Pokemon bank and Pokemon transporter. Can some one explan the difernce of Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter? How can you hook the Nintendo 3DS into the internet? Does all Pokemon will be stored Pokemon bank in one PC? Can all Pokemon at the bank transfer into the game PC of X and Y? Pokemon Bank and Pokemon treansporter are the only two PC's in X and Y? While you play the game X and Y, can I go to the Pokemon center and check my Pokemon on th PC or are yall tell me it is a little a bit dirfence? When you pop the screen, of Game and X and Y, does Pokemon bank and transporter will show at the Icon? Pleasse help me this issue because I am lost!!!

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Not much has been released on the Pokemon Bank, but I can answer your main question and not your others. Sorry :/

When downloading Pokemon Bank, you receive Pokemon Transporter which allows you to transfer Pokemon from your Gen V games (Black+White, B/W 2) into Gen VI (X and Y).

Available in January, you'll get a free trial Jan 1 - Jan 31 according to Serebii (are there 31 days in January? :1)

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