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so I caught a lugia with my masterball and I regret it because I think he doesn't run away and I could weaken him and catch him with an ultraball. And now I want to catch my favorite legendary Pokemon ENTEI! but entei is so hard to catch without masterballs. Anyone know how you can get an extra one in JOHTO NOT KANTO***Okay so I reset my game but traded my good Pokemon to my brothers game then changed them to my game so I still need to get the masterball but I now need a new one to catch raikou. SO PLZ HELP MEEEEE

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Only if you trade, win the lottery or cheat.

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To catch entei I recommend doing the level 39 poke with repel trick where everyone else is weaker so only legendary doggys can appear since they are higher lvl.  I recommend putting it to sleep, and using false swipe so it can't use roar, and you don't kill it accidentally.  Smeagle with spore, false swipe, and any trapping move will work well, and I think is the easiest to learn all 3 you need.  I definitely recommend giving it the speed, and attack steroids unless you want to actually ev train but that's too much work for me.