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There are a lot of legendaries to catch in SoulSilver, with 2 of them being at lvl 70. Which one is probably the best to use the masterball on? Mewtwo (70)? Ho-oh (70)? Raikou/Entei (roaming at 40)?


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Mewtwo has such a reputation...

I suggest using it on Entei or Raikou as their catch rates are the same as mewtwo, but they have the extra challenge of roaming

But keep in mind the beasts can't flee when you have a pokemon with shadow tag like wobbuffet or arena trap like dugtrio, and kept still there not to hard to catch at level 40 for legendaries. If you want a challenge don't use the master ball at all.
My sister caught an Entei with a single Pokeball, no damage dealt <.<
I'd rther catch roaming latias
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Well,I would use Master Ball on Mewtwo since he is very very hard to catch.I wasted 80 Ultra Balls on him.
For Ho-Oh,Raikou and Entei I would just be patient and use Ultra Balls on them.There's no reason to use a Master Ball on them.
I suggest you use the Master Ball on Mewtwo.

I think I got really lucky, but it took me two dusk balls to catch mewtwo.
they all have the same catch rate -_-