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I have saved my master ball all throughout my sun playthrough, the only Pokémon that's strong enough that I won't one shot it is Necrozma(I haven't fought him yet obviously) So, should I use my Master ball on him, or save it for a shiny or another rare encounter like that.

While I'm on the subject of Necrozma, is it shiny locked in S/M?
I think it is shiny locked.
It is. I’m sure of it.

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I would say definitely use it on necrozma.
(Also it looks cool coming out of a master ball)
Hoping for a sudden shiny never usually comes. In many of my playthroughs I never used master ball due to similar thinking. Now I've made it a point that I'll use it to catch a hard to catch legendary Pokemon.
Hope this helps you!

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Thanks so much!
You're welcome!
I am assuming by your answer that there aren't any roaming legendries in Sun Moon?
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You could use a masterball on Necrozma if you truly wanted to, but saving your masterball is ideal. I say this because if a shiny Pokemon that can be failed easily like Abra shows up that is a great time to use your masterball.