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I already caught every legendary but the regi's

You see I don't want to use it on a legendary as you can save and keep retrying is there anything I should do with the master-ball. This is for Pokemon Black/White 2.

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You should probably have something other than a tag to specify that you are talking about BW2
Fixed, happens a lot.

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  • Catch Regigigas.
  • Troll and catch a Patrat with it.
  • Let a Pokemon hold it and trade on the GTS. People might offer better things because of it.
  • Credit to B3N: save it for a Shiny.
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Or he could save it for a shiny
XD thanks, I didn't troll with the masterball my friend used ar on 1 of his game traded me ofer cherish balls (what events come in) and caught a patrat level 2
I'm saving for a shiny
Great, now I have 2 Registeels 1regirock 1regice and 1regigigas and 27 shiny pokemon a completed national dex UHHHHH NOW WHAT
Restart and beat the game with a Sunkern ;)
I just cheated and got 900 Master Balls.  Thank goodness I did that, or I wouldn't have a Shiny Darmanitan or Shiny Watchog.
You should save it in case you encountera shiny Pokemon, or one of N's Pokemon.